Aquaculture farmers need to consider many different factors to make the best decisions for their fish health. Manolin automates data management to make this easier. Our platform streamlines the process of finding insights and knowing what's at risk.

Today, we announced real-time data integrations with PatoGen, Cognite, and Meox in addition to our existing integrations with AKVA Group, BarentsWatch, ScaleAQ, Clarify, and more.

Now, member farmers have one central dashboard to track PCR test results, environmental factors, historic production outcomes, on-farm sensor data, and more. This creates a unique fish health profile to:

  • Continually assess farm performance
  • Measure the impact of product and provider choices
  • Find how previous management decisions impacted the bottom line
  • Understand the risk factors contributing to diseases, mortality events, ineffective lice treatments, etc.

Production teams spend less time reporting, more time taking action.

“The ability to find lab results, environmental information, and farm data in one place has great potential to improve our production. With this, our team can optimize efficiency, more accurately assess risk, and improve our fish welfare. These open and connected data systems can allow more farmers—and the industry—to improve their strategies with better tools."

Andreas Skagøy, Fish Health Manager at Måsøval Fiskeoppdrett

Get in touch here to learn more about the Manolin Essentials platform, or track fish health trends at more than 1,000 farms across Norway through our free platform: Sign up today in just a few clicks.

Stay tuned—we're excited to continue breaking down data silos and benchmarking industry performance throughout 2022.

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