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Aquaculture's Leaving an AI Data Intelligence Opportunity on the Table

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on our daily routines is hard to miss. Whether you're booking a flight, diving into research, or exploring new artistic avenues, AI is right there, making things smoother. Its role in the Aquaculture industry is equally impressive. Thanks to AI, farmers now have tools at their fingertips to automate feeding, spot diseases early on, keep an eye on water quality, and tackle many other challenges.

While much of the AI adoption we observe centers around real-time data platforms, there's a colossal opportunity many farms are overlooking. This untapped potential lies in harnessing AI Data Intelligence. The farms that recognize and act on this insight today will find themselves leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors in the near future.

Here's why.


Farms Aren't Seeing the Full Picture Available

You know how we're told that only 10% of the universe is visible to us? Imagine the thrill if we were suddenly introduced to the remaining 90%. That would be truly astounding. This unseen 90% mirrors the potential of data intelligence for aquaculture.

Below are shown two graphs pulled from Manolin's platform, comparing two available datasets both on EPA + DHA.




On the left we see 10 years of data that a farm in Norway has available to them internally. On the right, however, we get a much fuller depiction of EPA + DHA data availability once we add in all the data available with Manolin's data intelligence platform.

Put simply. Farms are developing insights and making decisions without getting the full picture.

In 2017, Salesforce's founder, Marc Benioff boldly stated, "Data-driven decision making is the only way to make decisions with confidence. In the past, we made decisions based on gut instinct or experience. But in today's world, where data is abundant, we can use it to make better, more informed decisions."

Much like how Netflix harnesses data to tailor recommendations and elevate your viewing experience, data intelligence offers a personalized touch to aquaculture farms, optimizing operations and insights.

For executives, managers, and team leaders, utilizing big data and AI technology is a logical next step in having more information to make the best, smartest decisions as possible. 


How Data Intelligence Will Create Greater Confidence in Farms' Data

Data intelligence acts as the linchpin that holds together the myriad of software platforms employed on aquaculture farms. With the influx of diverse data types available - from operational and sensory data to genetic and inventory information - farms are inundated with a deluge of information. The challenge lies not just in collecting this data, but in synthesizing it into a coherent, actionable narrative. Farms need a centralized system, a single point of truth, to holistically manage and interpret the vast amounts of data they're amassing.


Merely possessing vast quantities of data doesn't automatically translate to effective decision-making. Farms' data must continually be refined, streamlined, and made efficient. Data intelligence provided by Manolin allows farms to seamlessly integrate data from every system they utilize. Through the power of AI, Manolin can enrich and cleanse farms' data sets, offering a cleaner and more precise data narrative for farm managers to work with.

Data Enrichment-App-Graphic

When analyzing across various aquaculture systems, it's challenging to identify gaps in data or pinpoint inaccuracies – like when a sensor malfunctions in a pen. This is where the true prowess of data intelligence shines. Manolin doesn't just collate data; it enhances it. By filling in data gaps and rectifying inconsistencies, Manolin paints a more accurate, "truer" picture of the ongoings on a farm, ensuring that decisions are based on the most reliable information available.


Farms Can Be Proactive and Seize their Data Intelligence Opportunity Now

The aquaculture industry is at a crossroads. With the pace at which things are changing globally, there's a pressing need for the industry to think bigger and broader. It's not just about jumping on the AI bandwagon; it's about embracing a vision that looks at the bigger picture. Data intelligence isn't merely another gadget in the toolbox; it's the blueprint that ties together all of a farm's tech aspirations.

Manolin's data intelligence platform is for companies wanting to be proactive.

Our platform is designed specifically to empower executives and managers to spearhead strategic conversations. With the ability to effortlessly download charts and graphs, users can get a rapid overview of their farm's operational health. Moreover, Manolin offers expert insights, projecting comprehensive farm performance metrics spanning across growth, feed, disease, mortality, and lice.


Manolin is Your Farms' Lighthouse

Think of Manolin as the guiding light for aquaculture, much like a lighthouse for sailors. Sure, a sailor might not drop by the lighthouse every day, but its guiding light is crucial for safe navigation. Similarly, while you might not check Manolin daily, each visit offers a wealth of knowledge, helping you navigate your business's waters with clarity and confidence. Just as a lighthouse gives a clear view over vast seas, Manolin lays out a detailed map of the complex digital world of aquaculture.

Ready to navigate with clarity? Sign up for Watershed for free or book a demo with Manolin's dedicated team. Discover a personalized perspective on how Manolin can elevate your team's success through the power of data intelligence.