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Data-Sharing Success: Manolin Researcher Shows Significant Q1 Growth in 2024

Bergen, Norway – Manolin, a leading data intelligence software company for aquaculture farms and suppliers, proudly announces a remarkable achievement in the first quarter of the year. Manolin's Researcher Platform has demonstrated significant growth, reflecting the industry's increasing interest in leveraging data-sharing to gain valuable insights.

In Q1, Manolin experienced a substantial 40% increase in total generations to its data, underscoring the platform's growing influence and utility. This impressive growth is further complemented by the addition of 10 new partners, expanding our network and enhancing the collaborative ecosystem within the aquaculture industry.

"These milestones highlight our commitment to advancing the aquaculture industry through innovative data solutions," said Tony Chen, CEO of Manolin. "Our platform's growth and the addition of new partners enable us to provide even more comprehensive insights, helping farms optimize their operations and achieve better outcomes."

Currently, Manolin tracks over 90,000 product usages across more than 800 unique products industry-wide. This extensive tracking capability allows for a deeper understanding of product performance and usage patterns, ultimately contributing to more informed decision-making processes for our users.

In response to the growing demand and to further enhance our platform's capabilities, Manolin has built more integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity and improved user experience. These integrations are designed to facilitate more efficient data-sharing and analysis, empowering aquaculture farms and suppliers with actionable insights.

"This growth shows that farms are excited to learn new insights from collaborative data," said Nat Brennan, Head of Aquaculture at Manolin. "By working together, we can accelerate fish welfare and drive the entire industry forward. Our recent integrations are a testament to our ongoing efforts to provide our users with the best possible tools and resources."

Manolin remains committed to driving innovation and supporting the aquaculture industry's growth through data intelligence. With a focus on fostering collaboration and delivering value, Manolin is poised to continue its trajectory of success and contribute to the industry's sustainable development.

For more information about Manolin and its Researcher Platform, please visit of Researcher site.

About Manolin

Manolin is a data intelligence software company specializing in providing aquaculture farms and suppliers with actionable insights through advanced data-sharing and analytics. Our platform enables users to optimize their operations, improve product performance, and drive sustainable growth within the aquaculture industry.