According to Manolin’s industry data, Norwegian salmon farmers’ production ratios have decreased over the past five years. Our production ratio is a calculation of how much each farm is able to produce on their allocated biomass. The data shows that, on average, farmers are becoming less efficient.

Averages, all Norway:
2015: 1.70
2016: 1.62
2017: 1.58
2018: 1.56
2019: 1.51

However, looking at just the top 10 producers in the country tells a different story. For these 10 companies, which control the majority of Norway’s production, average production ratios have increased.

Averages, top 10 companies:
2015: 1.56
2016: 1.76
2017: 1.71
2018: 1.77
2019: 1.77

The data suggest that a decrease in production ratios has been driven by smaller companies, which perhaps have fewer resources available to mitigate rising production costs and manage the risk of disease.

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